New frequency dependent target impedance for DDR3 memory system

  title={New frequency dependent target impedance for DDR3 memory system},
  author={Hayato Sasaki and Masato Kanazawa and Toshio Sudo and Atsushi Tomishima and Toshiyuki Kaneko},
  journal={2011 IEEE Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems Symposium (EDAPS)},
Anti-resonance peak in power distribution network (PDN) impedance must be avoided to prevent the interference between signal integrity and power integrity of a system. Conventional criteria of PDN impedance is a target impedance with a constant value over wide frequency range. However, the constant target impedance is not suitable for the high-speed systems, such as DDR-3 memory systems, because it is not cost effective to maintain PDN impedance as low as possible, especially in high frequency… CONTINUE READING