New fast X-ray transient IGR J18462-0223 discovered by the INTEGRAL observatory

  title={New fast X-ray transient IGR J18462-0223 discovered by the INTEGRAL observatory},
  author={Sergei A. Grebenev and Rashid Sunyaev},
  journal={Astronomy Letters},
Details of the discovery of a new X-ray source, IGR J18462-0223, on October 12, 2007, during a short (several hours), intense (∼35 mCrab at the peak) outburst of hard radiation by the IBIS/ISGRI gamma-ray telescope onboard the INTEGRAL observatory are given. The detection of another earlier outburst from this source occurred on April 28, 2006, in the archival data of the telescope is reported. We present the results of the source’s localization and our spectral/timing analysis of the… 
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