New experimental model of crush injury of the hindlimbs in rats.

  title={New experimental model of crush injury of the hindlimbs in rats.},
  author={Pavel Akimau and Kazuhisa Yoshiya and Hideo Hosotsubo and Tetsuya Takakuwa and Hiroshi Tanaka and Hisashi Sugimoto},
  journal={The Journal of trauma},
  volume={58 1},
BACKGROUND Crush injury (CI) remains a life-threatening condition. Because there is a shortage of animal models of CI, we purposed to develop a reproducible model of CI of hindlimbs in rats and to evaluate correlation between the volume of muscles traumatized and the severity of CI. METHODS The right or both hindlimbs of anesthetized rats were compressed for 6 hours under blocks weighing 3 kg. This was followed by 3 hours of reperfusion. Serum lactate, base excess (BE), and potassium (K) were… CONTINUE READING
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