New directions in research on prostitution

  title={New directions in research on prostitution},
  author={Ronald Weitzer},
  journal={Crime, Law and Social Change},
This article critically evaluates the theoretical and empirical literature on contemporary prostitution. Most research focuses exclusively on street prostitution and female workers, with much less attention devoted to indoor prostitution, male and transgender workers, customers, and managers. Drawing on the sparse literature available on these underexamined topics, the article demonstrates how further research will yield a more nuanced and multifaceted understanding of contemporary prostitution… 
A Comparative Study of Adult Transgender and Female Prostitution
i ABSTRACT This study examines the differences in demographic and life characteristics between transgender and female prostitutes in a prostitution diversion program and identifies specialized
Female Street Prostitutes' Violent Victimization: International Perspective
This master thesis investigates the causes of female street prostitutes’ high level of violent victimization and based on the findings suggests the possible ways to better protect this group of women
This master thesis investigates the causes of female street prostitutes’ high level of violent victimization and based on the findings suggests the possible ways to better protect this group of women
Laid to Order: Male Escorts Advertising on the Internet
This exploratory study was conducted to gain information on an emerging form of prostitution—online prostitution. Additionally, this study focused on male prostitution, as it is the type less likely
Examining Sex Work from the Client's Perspective: Assessing Johns Using on-line Data
Academic research on prostitution focuses on the prostitute, rather than the clients, who are called johns. This limits our understanding of the methods and reasons individuals solicit sex. However,
Participation in Prostitution: Associated Outcomes Within Familial Relationships
There are several competing models of conceptualizing the prostitution industry. One such model, the polymorphous model, posits that sex work contains positive and negative factors and that both must
Exploring the Occupational Context of Independent Male Escorts Who Seek Male Clients: The Case of Job Success
This study explored job success, indicating that success in the field was well articulated, possibly highlighting that male independent escorting is becoming a professionalized occupation, with a shift away from current stigmatized understandings.
Elite Prostitution in Bulgaria: Experiences and Practices of Brokers
The article focuses on a specific form of high-end prostitution, referred to as elite prostitution. Its clients are representatives of the economic, political, sports, and criminal elite, and sex
Prostitution, Sex Work, and Violence: Lessons From the Cambodian Context
This article highlights notable contributions of 4 studies on sex work in Cambodia. By addressing different issues and varieties of sex work, they demonstrate how sex work is shaped by global and
The social construction of prostitution in Californian 'John' Schools
The existence of prostitution in society continues to be a highly contested issue in both political and social arenas. With traditional criminal justice methods to address prostitution focussing


Professional male prostitution: A neglected phenomenon
Male prostitution is generally regarded as a problematic phenomenon. This paper refutes this view by showing that most researchers have consistently selected only the problematic categories of male
Prostitution: A Critical Review of the Medical and Social Sciences Literature
In the recent literature on prostitution, there has been a focus on HIV which has tended to exclude discussion of the physical and sexual violence which precedes and which is intrinsic to
The Idea of Prostitution
From the white-slave traffic of the 19th century to present-day business practices, this well-researched report examines the changing concept of prostitution, exploring its initial roles as a form of
Female Prostitution, Customers, and Violence
Through a critical review of existing research, this article argues that (a) customers have been excluded from many debates surrounding prostitution, and including them will create a more robust
Prostitutes' Clients' Perception of the Prostitutes and of Themselves
  • C. Winick
  • Psychology
    The International journal of social psychiatry
  • 1962
HIS is a report on an attempt to obtain some clues to the psychodynamics T of men visiting prostitutes, in terms of the men. It is curious that the wealth of professional and popular literature on
Violence by clients towards female prostitutes in different work settings: questionnaire survey
This report reports on the prevalence of violence by clients against female prostitutes working either outdoors or indoors in three major British cities.
Prostitution control in America: Rethinking public policy
In the past two decades there has been little critical examination of the prevailing methods of controlling prostitution in the United States. This article examines selected problems in the control
Understanding the social needs of streetwalking prostitutes.
Methods are discussed for social workers to develop creative ways to provide outreach and develop relationships with a vulnerable population that invests much effort in remaining concealed.
Flawed Theory and Method in Studies of Prostitution
Analysis of a body of literature on prostitution that does not meet conventional standards for scholarly inquiry or scientific research methods.
The prostitution of women and girls
According to reports of the World Health Organization, the prostitution of women and children is increasing dramatically throughout the world. The problem is particularly acute in the lower