New directions in Gulag studies: a roundtable discussion

  title={New directions in Gulag studies: a roundtable discussion},
  author={Alan Barenberg and Wilson T. Bell and Sean Kinnear and Steven Maddox and Lynne Viola},
  journal={Canadian Slavonic Papers},
  pages={376 - 395}
Department of History, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA; Department of Philosophy, History, and Politics, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada; Department of History, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada; Department of History, Canisius College, Buffalo NY, USA; Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada; Department of History, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada; International Center for the History and… 
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Stalin and the Origins of Mistrust
We show that current differences in trust levels within former Soviet Union countries can be traced back to the system of forced prison labor during Stalin's rule, which was marked by high
Magadan Diocese: Overcoming the Crisis of Spirituality in Modern Times
  • Dmitriy I. Prosyanik
  • History
    III International theoretical and practical conference “The Crossroads of the North and the East (methodologies and practices of regional development)”
  • 2020
In this article, we examine the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the territory of the Magadan region: we present its periodization and factual material for each period. The objective of this


A History
: The Labor Movemerlt In Franc ( 1830-1848) As result of the Struggle of labor Movement in France 1830-1848 , Many political and economic concepts and terms appeared and explained the role of the
Gulag Town, Company Town: Forced Labor and Its Legacy in Vorkuta
This insightful volume offers a radical reassessment of the infamous "Gulag Archipelago" by exploring the history of Vorkuta, an arctic coal-mining outpost originally established in the 1930s as a
The Gulag and the Non-Gulag as One Interrelated Whole
One would be hard-pressed to identify a question of the Soviet past that has been studied with the same intensity over the past few decades as the history of Stalin's Gulag. (1) Thousands of works
The Geography of Crime and Punishment in the Russian Federation
A UK-based team of two geographers and a criminologist presents the results of its ongoing investigation of the geography of Russia's prison system, which in 2011 is in the early stages of transition
The Question of the Perpetrator in Soviet History
The question of the perpetrator is largely uncharted territory in the history of the Soviet Union. The term is rarely used in the historiography of the Stalinist Soviet Union. In part, this omission
The voice of the people : letters from the Soviet village, 1918-1932
This book presents the first comprehensive collection in English of peasant writings during the early years of the Bolshevik regime. Drawn entirely from Russian archival sources, it features more
Policing Stalin's Socialism: Repression and Social Order in the Soviet Union, 1924-1953
Policing Stalin's Socialism is one of the first books to emphasize the importance of social order repression by Stalin's Soviet regime in contrast to the traditional emphasis of historians on
“In a Manner Befitting Soviet Citizens” An Uprising in the Post-Stalin Gulag
In May-June 1954, prisoners in the Kengir division of the Steplag special camp staged one of the longest and largest uprisings in gulag history. Steven A. Barnes considers the role played by the west
Forced Labour for Forestry: The Twentieth Century History of Colonisation and Settlement in the North of Perm' Oblast'
IN THE SPRING OF 1990 the inhabitants of the Vishera valley in northern Perm' oblast' voted to evict 'Institution V-300', a Soviet Ministry of Interior 'correctional labour colony' that had been set
Prisoners Without Borders: Zazonniki and the Transformation of Vorkuta after Stalin
This article offers new insight into the nature of the Stalinist Gulag and the transformation of the Soviet prison camp system under Khrushchev. Looking at the infamous Vorkuta Arctic camp complex,