New developments in the understanding of the actions of the digitalis glycosides.

  title={New developments in the understanding of the actions of the digitalis glycosides.},
  author={Dean T. Mason and James F. Spann and Robert Zelis},
  journal={Progress in cardiovascular diseases},
  volume={11 6},

Effects of digitalis glycosides on the systemic arterial and venous system: clinical importance in the pathophysiology of congestive heart failure

The purpose of this report is to delineate the clinical alterations produced by digitalis on the resistance vessels and the capacitance beds of the peripheral circulation, and clarify the significance of these changes relative to the pathophysiology and treatment of congestive heart failure.

Effects of Cardiac Glycosides on Vascular System

The finding that the digitalis-induced stimulation of the force of contraction of the normal heart is not translated into an increase in cardiac output, suggests possible extracardiac vascular

Vasoactive Drugs and the Failing Ventricle

Congestive heart failure has traditionally been defined as a pathophysiologic state in which an abnormality of cardiac function is responsible for failure of the heart to pump blood at the rate

Effects of Cardiac Glycosides on the Failing and Nonfailing Heart

Observations of the cardiac action of digitalis on the failing and nonfailing heart are integrated to provide a unified concept of the actions of the glycosides on the cardiocirculation.

Positive inotropic effects of digoxin on left ventricular performance at rest and during exercise in normal subjects.

While a decrease in mean heart rate by digoxin treatment was as much as that of basal state, effects of digoxin therapy on ΔD and EF were augmented during exercise: ΔD increased from 34 ±4 to 44 ± 4% and EF increased form 71 ± 5 to 83± 4% at three minutes after initation of exercise.

The pharmacology of the normal and diseased heart in relation to cardiac surgery.

  • G. Howitt
  • Medicine, Biology
    British journal of anaesthesia
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There are still wide gaps in knowledge between the basic causes of arrhythmias and the ways in which drugs act to influence them and therapy is still largely based on clinical experience.

Effects of actodigin on the heart

The rapid onset and brief duration of action of actodigin may be useful in the initial management of atrial fibrillation in patients with congestive heart failure in normal sinus rhythm.



The cardiovascular effects of digitalis in normal man

  • D. Mason
  • Medicine, Biology
    Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
  • 1966
Observations indicate that the digitalis glycosides have both cardiac and extracardiac actions and that these actions occur in normal subjects as well as in patients with congestive heart failure.


The objective of the present investigation was to apply the continuously computed rate of change of intraventricular pressure in the determination of the effects of a cardiac glycoside, ouabain, on the normal and on the diseased but nonfailing human ventricle.


The present investigation was undertaken to characterize the effects of ouabain on a specific vascular bed, that of the forearm, which was examined in normal subjects and in patients with congestive heart failure.

Action of digitalis on the nonfailing heart of the dog.

Ouabain induces a moderate increase in the contractility of the nonfailing heart of the dog with a complete circulatory system in doses which do not produce electrocardiographic signs of digitalis intoxication and has two primary hemodynamic effects in the normal animal, namely, a direct cardiac stimulant action and a peripheral action resulting in a decreased venous return.

The effects of the cardiac glycosides upon the dynamics of the circulation in congestive heart failure; ouabain.

It is nevertheless true that clinically the diagnosis of heart failure is made by the detection of signs and symptoms referable to abnormal increases in the volume of blood in various parts of the circulation-and the assumption is made that these increases are the result of aberration in cardiac function.

The Effect of Lanatoside-C on the Response of the Human Cardiac Output to Walking Exercise

The present investigation was prompted by the need for more definitive information regarding the effect of cardiac glycosides on the normal human circulation under stress, and it was proposed to evaluate theeffect of Lanatoside-C on the circulatory response to some form of exercise commonly required of the human subject.

The Effect of Digitalis on Ventricular Ejection in Normal Human Subjects

The administration of deslanoside to normal subjects was associated with an abbreviation in the duration of all phases of mechanical systole in the absence of a change in cardiac output, lending evidence for a direct relationship between the positive inotropic effect and the decreased duration of left ventricular ejection.

Studies on digitalis. 13. A comparison of the effects of potassium on the inotropic and arrhythmia-producing actions of ouabain.

The present investigation was undertaken to determine the manner in which potassium suppression of ouabaininduced arrhythmias affects the augmentation of ventricular contractile force produced by the administration of the glycoside.

Some Effects of Digoxin upon the Heart and Circulation in Man: Digoxin in Combined (Left and Right) Ventricular Failure

HEMODYNA\tXMIC studies of the effects of cardiac glycosides o01 the failing human lieart have beeninumerous aiid have shown one consistent alteration following admiinistration of the drug, nanmely, a