New developments in septic acute kidney injury.

  title={New developments in septic acute kidney injury.},
  author={Jiř{\'i} Chvojka and Roman S{\'y}kora and Thomas Karvunidis and Jaroslav Raděj and Ale{\vs} Krou{\vz}eck{\'y} and Ivan Nov{\'a}k and Martin Matějovi{\vc}},
  journal={Physiological research},
  volume={59 6},
The kidney is a common "victim organ" of various insults in critically ill patients. Sepsis and septic shock are the dominant causes of acute kidney injury, accounting for nearly 50 % of episodes of acute renal failure. Despite our substantial progress in the understanding of mechanisms involved in septic acute kidney injury there is still a huge pool of questions preclusive of the development of effective therapeutic strategies. This review briefly summarizes our current knowledge of… CONTINUE READING
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