New developments in biochemical mass spectrometry: electrospray ionization.

  title={New developments in biochemical mass spectrometry: electrospray ionization.},
  author={Richard D. Smith and Joseph A Loo and Camilla Edmonds and Charles J. Barinaga and Harold R. Udseth},
  journal={Analytical chemistry},
  volume={62 9},
The principles, development, and recent application of electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) to biological compounds are reviewed. ESI-MS methods now allow determination of accurate molecular weights for proteins extending to over 50,000, and in some cases well over 100,000. Similar capabilities are being developed for oligonucleotides. The instrumentation used for ESI-MS is briefly described and it is shown that, although ionization efficiency appears to be uniformly high… CONTINUE READING
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