New developments in FeynCalc 9.0

  title={New developments in FeynCalc 9.0},
  author={Vladyslav Shtabovenko and Rolf Mertig and Frederik Orellana},
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From Jacobi off-shell currents to integral relations
A bstractIn this paper, we study off-shell currents built from the Jacobi identity of the kinematic numerators of gg → X with X=ss,qq¯,gg$$ X=ss,q\overline{q}, gg $$. We find that these currents can
Renormalization of the C2HDM with FeynMaster 2
Abstract We present the one-loop electroweak renormalization of the CP-violating 2-Higgs-Doublet Model with softly broken ℤ2 symmetry (C2HDM). The existence of CP violation in the scalar sector of


Reduze - Feynman integral reduction in C++
FIRE4, LiteRed and accompanying tools to solve integration by parts relations
Automated One-loop Computation in Quarkonium Process within NRQCD Framework
In last decades, it has been realized that the next-to-leading order corrections may become very important, and sometimes requisite, for some processes involving quarkoinum production or decay, e.g.,
Package-X: A Mathematica package for the analytic calculation of one-loop integrals
Progress in FDC project
FormLink/FeynCalcFormLink : Embedding FORM in Mathematica and FeynCalc
FormLink and FeynCalcFormLink are described, two Mathematica packages to link mathematica and FeYNCalc with FORM, and with these two packages the impressive speed and other special features of FORM get embedded into the generality of MathematicA and FelynCalc in a simple manner.