New data of three rare belondirid species (Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Belondiridae) from Vietnam, with the first record and description of the male of Oxybelondira paraperplexa Ahmad & Jairajpuri, 1979

  title={New data of three rare belondirid species (Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Belondiridae) from Vietnam, with the first record and description of the male of Oxybelondira paraperplexa Ahmad \& Jairajpuri, 1979},
  author={Duong Thi Anh Nguyen and Tam Thi Thanh Vu and Michael Bonkowski and Reyes Pe{\~n}a‐Santiago},
  journal={Biodiversity Data Journal},
Abstract Three rare nematode species of the family Belondiridae, originally described from and only known to occur in India are recorded for the first time in Vietnam: Axonchium thoubalicum, Belondira murtazai and Oxybelondira paraperplexa. It is the first report of these three genera in this country. The three species are described, including new morphological data, morphometrics and light microscope pictures. The male of Oxybelondira paraperplexa is collected and described for the first time… 
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