New contribution to the ethnopharmacological study of the Canary Islands.

  title={New contribution to the ethnopharmacological study of the Canary Islands.},
  author={Victoriano Darias and Laura Bravo and Roland Rabanal and C C S{\'a}nchez Mateo and R M Gonz{\'a}lez Luis and A M Hern{\'a}ndez P{\'e}rez},
  journal={Journal of ethnopharmacology},
  volume={25 1},
We present in this paper a report of 155 species used for medicinal purpose in the Canary Islands. These species have been compiled in 13 tables in accordance with their main medicinal use, indicating also other possible popular uses. We have made a short inventory of the rates of the most important medicinal applications. This new compilation shows once more the traditional use of the phytotherapeutic resources by the Canary population and also the wide possibilities of the phytochemical and… CONTINUE READING

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