New constraints on the delivery of cometary water and nitrogen to Earth from the 15N/14N isotopic ratio

  title={New constraints on the delivery of cometary water and nitrogen to Earth from the 15N/14N isotopic ratio},
  author={D. Hutsem'ekers and J. Manfroid and E. Jehin and C. Arpigny},
  • D. Hutsem'ekers, J. Manfroid, +1 author C. Arpigny
  • Published 2009
  • Environmental Science, Physics
  • Icarus
  • Abstract New independent constraints on the amount of water delivered to Earth by comets are derived using the 15N/14N isotopic ratio, measured to be roughly twice as high in cometary CN and HCN as in the present Earth. Under reasonable assumptions, we find that no more than a few percent of Earth’s water can be attributed to comets, in agreement with the constraints derived from D/H. Our results also suggest that a significant part of Earth’s atmospheric nitrogen might come from comets. Since… CONTINUE READING
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