New constraints on Saturn's interior from Cassini astrometric data

  title={New constraints on Saturn's interior from Cassini astrometric data},
  author={Val'ery Lainey and Robert A. Jacobson and Radwan Tajeddine and Nicholas J Cooper and Carl Murray and Vincent Robert and Gabriel Tobie and T Guillot and St'ephane Mathis and Françcoise Remus and Josselin Desmars and Jean-Eudes Arlot and Jean-Pierre de Cuyper and V'eronique Dehant and Dan Pascu and William Thuillot and Christophe Le Poncin-lafitte and Jean-paul Zahn},
Using astrometric observations spanning more than a century and including a large set of Cassini data, we determine Saturn's tidal parameters through their current effects on the orbits of the eight main and four coorbital Moons. We have used the latter to make the first determination of Saturn's Love number from observations, k2=0.390 ± 0.024, a value larger than the commonly used theoretical value of 0.341 (Gavrilov & Zharkov, 1977), but compatible with more recent models (Helled & Guillot… CONTINUE READING

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