New color-octet vector boson revisited

  title={New color-octet vector boson revisited},
  author={Xiao-ping Wang and You-kai Wang and Bo-Wen Xiao and Jia Xu and Shou-hua Zhu},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Motivated by CDF recent measurements on di-jet invariant mass spectrum where di-jet is associated production with charged leptons ($e/\mu$) and missing energy, we re-examine the previous proposed massive color-octet axial-vector-like boson $Z_c$. Our simulation showed that the di-jet bump around 120-160 GeV can be induced by $Z_c$ with effective coupling $g_{Z_c q \bar q} =0.2 g_s$ (q represents the quark other than top and $g_s$ is the strong coupling constant). Moreover our numerical… 

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