New coccidians from freshwater fishes of Australia

  title={New coccidians from freshwater fishes of Australia},
  author={K{\'a}lm{\'a}n Moln{\'a}r and Kh Rhode},
Abstract. During a survey for coccidian infections of 135 Australian freshwater fish belonging to 14 species, two new Eimeria species, E. philypnodoni sp. nov. from Philypnodon grandiceps and E. ashburneri sp. nov. from Macquaria ambigua, and three new Goussia species, G. langdoni sp. nov, from Macquaria ambigua, G. callinani sp, nov. from Hypseteotris compressa and G. lomi sp. nov. from Maccullochella peeli, were found. Epieimeria anguillae and a Goussia sp. from Anguilla australis and A… CONTINUE READING