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New citizens, new challenges for the Spanish National Health System.

  title={New citizens, new challenges for the Spanish National Health System.},
  author={Cristina Hern{\'a}ndez Quevedo and Dolores. Jime{\`I}nez Rubio},
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Health care for immigrants in the context of economic crisis : the perceptions and experiences of health professionals in Greece
The provision of health services to immigrants is a challenging task and managing the identified problems with appropriate health policies and practices should be prioritised in order to protect both immigrants’ and non-immigrant public health.
Spain: the effect of country of birth on patterns of pharmaceutical use.
This study reviews the limited evidence in Spain on pharmaceutical use on the basis of immigrant status, finding a lower consumption of medicines by some immigrant groups relative to Spaniards.


Los efectos de la inmigración sobre las condiciones de los trabajadores nativos en el mercado de trabajo: evidencia para España
La abundante literatura existente sobre el impacto de la inmigracion en los mercados laborales de los paises de acogida permite extraer dos conclusiones principales. En primer lugar, resulta dificil
A comparison of the health status and health care utilisation patterns between foreigners and the national population in Spain: new evidence from the Spanish National Health Survey
There are different patterns in health status and utilisation of health care between nationals and immigrants in Spain, and immigrants report better levels of health status than Spaniards, although they face barriers of entry to health care services.
Inmigración: diferencias a nivel mundial
Los movimientos migratorios internacionales han formado siempre parte de la historia de la humanidad, pero hoy en dia estamos presenciando, mas que nunca, un aumento de su intensidad y complejidad.
[Sociodemographic characteristics and use of health services by the immigrant population residing in a district of the Community of Madrid].
The immigrant population has lived in this area for a long time, despite living in adverse conditions in administrative and health terms, and the public health service through INSALUD is the principal provider of health services to immigrants.
Health profiles, lifestyles and use of health resources by the immigrant population resident in Spain.
Immigrants in Spain display better lifestyle-related parameters, in that they consume less alcohol and smoke less than the autochthonous population, and there is no evidence of excessive and inappropriate use of other health-care resources.
Impact of immigration on the cost of emergency visits in Barcelona (Spain)
With the exception of gynaecological emergency visits, costs resulting from emergency visits by both groups of immigrants were lower than those due to visits by the Spanish-born population, suggesting that this result was due to the ease of access to emergency services and to lack of knowledge about the country's health system.
Efectos de la inmigración en el mercado de trabajo español [ The impact of immigration on the Spanish labour market ]
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