New cellular tools reveal complex epithelial–mesenchymal interactions in hepatocarcinogenesis

  title={New cellular tools reveal complex epithelial–mesenchymal interactions in hepatocarcinogenesis},
  author={Sandra Sagmeister and Maria Eisenbauer and Christine Pirker and Thomas Mohr and Klaus Holzmann and Hannes Zwickl and Christoph Bichler and Daniela Kandioler and Friedrich Wrba and Wolfgang Mikulits and Christopher Gerner and Mona M. K. Shehata and Otto Majdic and Berthold Streubel and Walter Berger and Michael Micksche and Kurt Zatloukal and Rolf Schulte-Hermann and Bettina Grasl-Kraupp},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={151 - 159}
To enable detailed analyses of cell interactions in tumour development, new epithelial and mesenchymal cell lines were established from human hepatocellular carcinoma by spontaneous outgrowth in culture. We obtained several hepatocarcinoma (HCC)-, B-lymphoblastoid (BLC)-, and myofibroblastoid (MF)-lines from seven cases. In-depth characterisation included cell kinetics, genotype, tumourigenicity, expression of cell-type specific markers, and proteome patterns. Many functions of the cells of… CONTINUE READING