New cave dwelling species of the genus Remyella Jeannel (Leptodirini, Leiodidae, Coleoptera) from Serbia

  title={New cave dwelling species of the genus Remyella Jeannel (Leptodirini, Leiodidae, Coleoptera) from Serbia},
  author={Sre{\'c}ko B. {\'C}ur{\vc}i{\'c} and V. Vajcbauer and Pamela Colda and Miloje M. Brajkovi{\'c} and B P Curci{\'c}},
The new leiodid beetle species, Remyella raskae n. sp. and Remyella javorensis n. sp. (both from caves in Southwest Serbia, region of Sandžak), are described and diagnosed. Adult genitalia and other taxonomically important characters are illustrated. The new species studied are clearly distinct from their closest congeners. The new forms are of Tertiary or even Pre-Tertiary age and originated during the Alpine Orogeny, which affected vast areas of the Balkan Peninsula, including the Dinarides… CONTINUE READING


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