New benzodioxepin type strobilurins from basidiomycetes. Structural revision and determination of the absolute configuration of strobilurin D and related β-methoxyacrylate antibiotics

  title={New benzodioxepin type strobilurins from basidiomycetes. Structural revision and determination of the absolute configuration of strobilurin D and related $\beta$-methoxyacrylate antibiotics},
  author={Veronika Hellwig and Johannes Dasenbrock and D{\"o}rte Klostermeyer and Stefan Kroiss and Tilman Sindlinger and Peter Spiteller and Bert Steffan and Wolfgang Steglich and Michaela Engler-Lohr and Sylvia Semar and Timm Anke},
Biologically Active Metabolites from Fungi 141) 3-Chloro-4-Hydroxy-5-(3,7,11-Trimethyldodeca-2,6,10-Trienyl)-Benzamide, A New Antibacterial Agent from a Soil Fungus
Abstract The antibacterial 3-chloro-4-hydroxy-5-(3,7,11-trimethyldodeca-2,6,10-trienyl)-benzamide, and the antifungal strobilurins B and D were isolated from an unidentified South African soil fungus.
Non-β-Lactam Antibiotics
Some classes of fungal metabolites which are presently used as medicinal, veterinary or agricultural antibiotics, as well as some newer candidates for development are reviewed.
HR-MALDI-MS imaging assisted screening of β-carboline alkaloids discovered from Mycena metata.
A new β-carboline alkaloid, 6-hydroxymetatacarboline D, was isolated from fruiting bodies of Mycena metata by means of HPLC-UV, LC-HR-ESIMS, and high-resolution matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (HR-MALDI-MS imaging).
New strobilurins O and P from a mushroom.
using EtOAcextraction, silica gel column chromatography and preparative silica gel TLC monitoring of nematocidal activity. In this report we describe fermentation, physicochemical properties,


Strobilurin D and strobilurin F: two new cytostatic and antifungal (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate antibiotics from Cyphellopsis anomala (1).
Strobilurin D and strobilurin F, two new cytostatic and antifungal antibiotics of the (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate class, have been isolated from mycelial cultures of the basidiomycete Cyphellopsis
Novel beta-methoxyacrylates of the 9-methoxystrobilurin and oudesmansin classes produced by the basidiomycete Favolaschia pustulosa.
Submerged liquid cultures of the basidiomycete Favolaschia pustulosa afforded the novel 9-methoxystrobilurin derivatives and the related oudmansin derivative, oudemansin L (3), which have a novel arrangement of two isoprenoid units fused to the aromatic nucleus.
Darlucins A and B, new isocyanide antibiotics from Sphaerellopsis filum (Darluca filum).
Two new xanthocillin type antibiotics, darlucin A and B, were isolated from fermentations of Sphaerellopsis filum and are the first known compounds with a 1,2-diisocyanoalkene moiety.
The strobilurins--new antifungal antibiotics from the basidiomycete Strobilurus tenacellus.
The strobilurins are two antifungal antibiotics which were isolated from the mycelium of Strobilurus tenacellus strain No. 21602 and strongly inhibited the incorporation of radioactive leucine, uridine, and thymidine into the acid-insoluble fraction of cells.
Strobilurins: Evolution of a New Class of Active Substances.
A fungus that grows on pinecones yields a compound with antifungal activity that has become the natural model for a significant innovation in crop protection and is a fascinating success story.
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. XXXII. Strobilurin E: a new cytostatic and antifungal (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate antibiotic from Crepidotus fulvotomentosus Peck.
Strobilurin E is a novel antibiotic of the (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate (MOA) class produced by mycelial cultures of the agaric Crepidotus fulvotomentosus that exhibits very high cytostatic activities which are accompanied by reversible morphological alterations of the cells.
Antibiotika aus Basidiomyceten, III. Strobilurin A und B, antifungische Stoffwechselprodukte aus Strobilurus tenacellus
Die Konstitutionsaufklarung der Strobilurine A und B (4 bzw. 5) wird beschrieben. Es handelt sich um 1-Arylhexatriene, die eine endstandige β-Methoxyacrylat-Gruppierung enthalten. Antibiotics
Strobilurins F, G and H, three new antifungal metabolites from Bolinea lutea. II. Structure determination.
The structures of the new antibiotics strobilurins F, G and H and of compound 8 were determined by spectroscopic methods, mainly 1H and 13C NMR and confirmed by degradation reactions.