New asperxanthone and asperbiphenyl from the marine fungus Aspergillus sp.

  title={New asperxanthone and asperbiphenyl from the marine fungus Aspergillus sp.},
  author={Zu-jian Wu and Ming-An Ouyang and Qing-Wei Tan},
  journal={Pest management science},
  volume={65 1},
BACKGROUND Marine fungi are of great importance as potential sources of agricultural pesticide leads. To continue work on new and biologically active metabolites from marine fungi, culture extracts of selected isolates were screened for inhibitory activity against tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), a typical member of the tobamovirus group of plant viruses. RESULTS A new difuranxanthone, asperxanthone (1), and a new biphenyl, asperbiphenyl (2), as well as seven known unsaturated fatty acid glycerol… CONTINUE READING


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