New aspects of boar semen freezing strategies.

  title={New aspects of boar semen freezing strategies.},
  author={Rudolf Grossfeld and Birgit Sieg and Christina Struckmann and Antje Frenzel and William Maxwell and Detlef Rath},
  volume={70 8},
Although cryopreserved boar semen has been available since 1975, a major breakthrough in commercial application has not yet occurred. There is ongoing research to improve sperm survival after thawing, to limit the damage occurring to spermatozoa during freezing, and to further minimize the number of spermatozoa needed to establish a pregnancy. Boar spermatozoa are exposed to lipid peroxidation during freezing and thawing, which causes damage to the sperm membranes and impairs energy metabolism… CONTINUE READING


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