New aspects in the pathogenesis of abomasal displacement.

  title={New aspects in the pathogenesis of abomasal displacement.},
  author={Klaus Doll and Marlene Sickinger and Torsten Seeger},
  journal={Veterinary journal},
  volume={181 2},
Impaired abomasal motility and an increased accumulation of gas are prerequisites for displacement of the abomasum in the cow. Predisposing factors are the breed (e.g. Holstein-Friesian, Simmental-Red-Holstein cross breeds and Guernsey), genetic background, twin pregnancy, first weeks of lactation, metabolic disorders (ketosis, increased lipomobilisation, insulin resistance), high-concentrate and low-fibre diets, as well as other concomitant diseases, such as endometritis, mastitis and claw… CONTINUE READING


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