New approaches to diabetes disease control, insulin delivery, and monitoring.

  title={New approaches to diabetes disease control, insulin delivery, and monitoring.},
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Some of the most dangerous outcomes of either form of diabetes are those related to long-term complications, including kidney damage, or diabetic nephropathy. Over time, small blood vessels inside the kidneys can become damaged and reduce the body’s ability to filter toxins from the blood. Damaged kidneys leak a protein, albumin, into the urine. Detection of even small albumin levels, microalbuminuria, is one of the earliest signs of kidney problems, and also one that is not always noticeable… Expand
Nanoscale analysis of protein and peptide absorption: insulin absorption using complexation and pH-sensitive hydrogels as delivery vehicles.
  • N. Peppas, Nikhil J. Kavimandan
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • 2006
Cellular bioenergetics as a target for obesity therapy
The genetic basis of T and B cell contribution to autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice
Potential use of gamma-cyclodextrin polypseudorotaxane hydrogels as an injectable sustained release system for insulin.