New antiviral nucleoside prodrugs await application.

  title={New antiviral nucleoside prodrugs await application.},
  author={Carole Anastasi and Gilles Qu{\'e}l{\'e}ver and St{\'e}phane Burlet and C{\'e}drik Garino and Florence Souard and Jean-louis Kraus},
  journal={Current medicinal chemistry},
  volume={10 18},
In this review, we intend to highlight outstanding concepts of antiviral nucleoside prodrugs which have been developed in recent years, so as to improve the efficacy of a given antiviral drug or to overcome some drug deficiencies. Examples of antiviral carrier-linked nucleoside prodrugs or nucleoside bioprecursors are described, and their active mechanisms discussed. The described nucleoside prodrugs are classified in two structural classes: prodrugs bearing molecular modifications on the sugar… CONTINUE READING