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New and remarkable records of microfungi from Turkey.

  title={New and remarkable records of microfungi from Turkey.},
  author={N. Ale-Agha and G. B. Feige and B. Christiaans and A. D{\"u}ndar},
  journal={Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences},
  volume={68 4 Pt B},
During a botanical excursion of the University of Essen in the year 2002 to North-, Central- and South-Anatolia we have collected representatives of about 100 genera of microfungi as parasites or saprophytes on crops and wild plants. Some of them are new for Turkey: Passalora dubia on Atriplex hortensis, Pseudocercospora ligustri on Ligustrum ovalifolium, Passalora smilacis on Smilax aspera, Uromyces limonii on Limonium spec., Puccinia jasmini on Jasminim spec., Sawadea bicornis on Acer negundo… Expand
Additions to rust and smut fungi of Turkey
Entyloma linariae Schroet., Entyloma magocsyanum Bub., Uromyces arenariae–grandiflorae Mayor and Uromyces arenariae–leptoclados Vien.-Bourg. are reported for the first time from Anatolia.Expand