New and noteworthy records of Distichophyllum (Daltoniaceae, Bryopsida) and allied genera in Asia and Australasia #

  title={New and noteworthy records of Distichophyllum (Daltoniaceae, Bryopsida) and allied genera in Asia and Australasia \#},
  author={B. Ho and B. Tan and Y. Nathi},
  journal={Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution},
24 new distributional records of species of Distichophyllum and allied genera in Asia and Australasia are identified during an examination of loan materials from various herbaria. For each new species record, taxonomic, biogeographic and habitat notes, where appropriate, are included. Three new synonyms ( Distichophyllum cucullatum E.B. Bartram, D. macropodum Dixon , and D. pullei Dixon) are proposed and several probable synonymies are pointed out. 
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