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New and interesting foliicolous lichens from Australia

  title={New and interesting foliicolous lichens from Australia},
  author={P. M. Mccarthy},
Five foliicolous lichens are described as new from New South Wales and Queensland: Phylloblastia excavata P.M.McCarthy (Verrucariaceae), Porina danbullensis P.M.McCarthy & Lucking, P. elixiana P.M.McCarthy & Lucking and P. flavoaurantiaca P.M.McCarthy (Porinaceae) and Verrucaria inquilina P.M.McCarthy (Verrucariaceae). Phylloblastia bielczykiae Flakus & Lucking and Strigula delicata Serus. are reported for the first time from Australia. The foliicolous lichen flora of Australia and its island… Expand

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