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New Zealand as a safe adventure destination – is it a reality?

  title={New Zealand as a safe adventure destination – is it a reality?},
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Business Practices to Minimize Safety Risks: A Case Study of Two Adventure Tourism Businesses in Malaysia
Risk is inherent in adventure tourism. Without risk, adventure tourism will lose their excitement and uniqueness. Managing risk in commercial adventure tourism operation is essential for the safetyExpand


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Business Research Methods
PART 1 1. Business research strategies 2. Research designs 3. Planning a research project and formulating research questions 4. Getting Started: reviewing the literature 5. Ethics in businessExpand
White water rafting customer research
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Perception of risk.
This research aims to aid risk analysis and policy-making by providing a basis for understanding and anticipating public responses to hazards and improving the communication of risk information among lay people, technical experts, and decision-makers. Expand
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WEB 2.0, Social Marketing Strategies and Distribution Channels for City Destinations: Enhancing the Participatory Role of Travelers and Exploiting their Collective Intelligence
During the last decades, the use of Web 2.0 applications for the generation, dissemination, and sharing of user-generated content (UGC) and the creation of new value added services are enormous. WebExpand
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