New Universal Gravity and Rational Galaxy Structure


New Universal Gravity: To any point on a rational structure, there correspond three proportion surfaces which pass the point and are orthogonal to each other. To any proportion surface there exists the corresponding component of the gravitational force at the point whose direction is normal to the surface (pointing to the larger matter density) and whose magnitude is proportional to the Gaussian curvature of the surface at the point and proportional to the total mass contained in the closed surface. The new gravity generalizes Newtonian theory and gives a unified explanation to both discrete and smooth natural structures (i.e., Solar system and galaxies). It is the inevitable truth of nature if gravity must satisfy divergence theorem and galaxies must be rational structure. keywords: Spiral Galaxy; Rotational Curve; Rational Structure; Proportion Surface; Newtonian Gravity; Divergence Theorem PACS: 02.60.Lj, 98.52.Nr

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