New Type of Asymmetric Cyclization to Optically Active Steroid CD Partial Structures

  title={New Type of Asymmetric Cyclization to Optically Active Steroid CD Partial Structures},
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Organocatalysis: A Brief Overview on Its Evolution and Applications
The use of small organic molecules as catalysts has gained increasing importance recently. These substances, the so-called organocatalysts, present a lot of advantages, like being less toxic, less
A Molecular-Wide and Electron Density-Based Approach in Exploring Chemical Reactivity and Explicit Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Solvent Molecule Effects in the Proline Catalyzed Aldol Reaction
Modelling of the proline (1) catalyzed aldol reaction (with acetone 2) in the presence of an explicit molecule of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) (3) has showed that 3 is a major player in the aldol
A solid-supported organocatalyst for asymmetric Mannich reaction to construct C2-quaternary indolin-3-ones
A simple and novel solid-supported organocatalyst from a 2-chlorotrityl chloride resin-immobilized 4-hydroxyproline was developed, and this organocatalyst has been used for the asymmetric Mannich
Catalytic properties of 4,5-bridged proline methano- and ethanologues in the Hajos–Parrish intramolecular aldol reaction
The catalysis of the Hajos–Parrish reaction by cis- and trans-4,5-ethano-proline was explored experimentally and computationally with DFT (ωB97X-D and MN15) and DLPNO-CCSD(T).
Critical trends in synthetic organic chemistry in terms of organocatalysis
Abstract The utilization of small organic compounds as catalysts has advanced rapidly, and organocatalysis has emerged as a dominant technique complementary to metal-catalyzed organic conversions.
Effect of Solvents on Proline Modified at the Secondary Sphere: A Multivariate Exploration.
Multivariate regression strategies are applied to probe the influence of different solvents on an aldol reaction catalyzed by proline modified at its secondary sphere with boronic acids to uncovering mechanistic insight and an ancillary aim of identifying methodological improvements.
L-Proline: Applications of a Versatile Amino Acid in the Areas of Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis
L-proline is a natural amino acid, which stands out due to the diversity of its applications in the most varied areas. Chemical structural modifications in proline have led to the formation of
New advances in asymmetric organocatalysis
  • R. Šebesta
  • Chemistry
    Beilstein journal of organic chemistry
  • 2022
Organocatalysts based on natural and modified amino acids for asymmetric reactions
Past and present development of the organocatalysts derived from natural and modified amino acids for various important organic transformations reviewed are discussed.


Reaktionen mit Mikroorganismen. 2. Mitteilung. Die stereospezifische Reduktion von (±)-Δ4,9-8-Methyl-hexahydro-indendion-(1,5)
Racemisches Δ4,9-8-Methyl-hexahydro-indendion-(1,5) wird durch «ruhende» Kulturen von Curvularia falcata (TEHON) BOEDIJN stereospezifisch reduziert, unter Bildung von (1 S, 8