New Tribosphenic Mammals from the Mussentuchit Local Fauna ( Cedar Mountain Formation , Cenomanian ) , Utah , Usa

  title={New Tribosphenic Mammals from the Mussentuchit Local Fauna ( Cedar Mountain Formation , Cenomanian ) , Utah , Usa},
  author={Richard L. Cifelli and Joshua Eric Cohen and B. Morgan Davis and Cifelli},
Herein we describe two new tribosphenic mammals from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Emery County, Utah, USA. The fossils occur in a narrow stratigraphic interval near the top of the unit (Mussentuchit Member) and date to approximately the Early–Late Cretaceous boundary (early Cenomanian, ~97 Mya). The specimens were recovered from screen-washing bulk rock samples. Both taxa are based on isolated teeth; from the limited morphology represented, both lack obvious specializations of the two major… CONTINUE READING


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