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New Trajectory of Islamic Extremism in Northern Nigeria: A Threat-Import Analysis of Shiite’s Uprising

  title={New Trajectory of Islamic Extremism in Northern Nigeria: A Threat-Import Analysis of Shiite’s Uprising},
  author={Solomon Timothy Anjide and Al Chukwuma Okoli},
  journal={International Journal of African and Asian Studies},
  • S. Anjide, A. Okoli
  • Published 2017
  • Economics
  • International Journal of African and Asian Studies
Since the division of the Muslim Brotherhood in Nigeria during the 80s, Nigerian Muslims experiences series of infighting. Such internal disputes culminate into the birth of several sects that either accepts or oppose the Nigerian state. More so, the two main divisions of the Muslim Brotherhood are the Saudi Arabia sponsored Izala (Movement for the removal of innovation and re-establishment of Sunna in Islam) Sunnist movement and the Shiite’s Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) which is backed by… 
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