New Static Var Control Using Force-Commutated Inverters

  title={New Static Var Control Using Force-Commutated Inverters},
  author={Yoshihiko Sumi and Yoshinobu Harumoto and Taizo Hasegawa and Masao Yano and Kazuo Ikeda and Toshiaki Matsuura},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems},
This paper describes the system outline and the operating results of a new type of 20MVA Static VAR Generator (SVG), which is already in operation in electric power field since January of 1980. This SVG consists of force-commutated inverters of the voltage source and can be operated in both, inductive and capacitive modes, by simple control of the output voltage of the inverter. Special emphasis is placed on the system outline, electrical designing features and the operating results which… CONTINUE READING
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