New Sesquiterpenoid from the Soft Coral Sinularia dissecta

  title={New Sesquiterpenoid from the Soft Coral Sinularia dissecta},
  author={P. Ramesh and V. Ravikanth and Y. Venkateswarlu},
In continuation of our interest in the bioactive secondary metabolites from the marine organisms, we examined the soft coral Sinularia dissecta Tixier Durivault (Afcyoniidae) collected from the Mandapam Coast, Tamilnadu during June 1996. From this soft coral Sinu!aria dissecta, we reported five new polyoxygenated steroids·, two new diterpenes·, four sesquiterpenoids and a ~-al anine methyl ester derivative for the first time. We report herein the isolation and structural elucidation of 15… Expand
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New sesquiterpenoid from the soft coral Sinularia dissecta
  • 2001