New Results for Covering Systems of Residue Sets

  title={New Results for Covering Systems of Residue Sets},
  author={Marc A. Berger and Alexander Felzenbaum and Aviezri S. Fraenkel},
We announce some new results about systems of residue sets. A residue set R C Z is an arithmetic progression R = {a,a±n,a± 2n,...}. The positive integer n is referred to as the modulus of R. Following Znam [21] we denote this set by a(n). We need several number-theoretic functions. p(ra)-the least prime divisor of a natural number ra, P(m)-the greatest prime divisor of ra, A(m)-the greatest divisor of m which is a power of a single prime: A(ra) = max{d G Z: d\m, d = p s , p prime}, /(ra) = Ylj… CONTINUE READING


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