New Radiocarbon Dates from East Texas Caddo Sites

  title={New Radiocarbon Dates from East Texas Caddo Sites},
  author={Timothy K. Perttula and Jr. Robert Z. Selden},
SUMMARY 7KHVHYHQQHZUDGLRFDUERQGDWHVIURPWKHVHAYH&DGGRVLWHVLQ(DVW7H[DVDGGWRWKHHYHULQFUHDVLQJcorpus of radiocarbon dates obtained from Caddo sites in the region (Selden and Perttula 2012). It was expected based upon the stylistic analysis of ceramic vessels from cemeteries at the Johns, Shelby Mound, Henry Spencer, and Henry Williams sites, as well as previously obtained radiocarbon dates from the Shelby Mound (Perttula et al. 2012a:Table 8) and Henry Spencer (Perttula et al… CONTINUE READING