New Possibilities in Prognostication of Hemodynamic Instability during Surgical Operations


The new approach to intraoperative hemodynamics disordersprognostication which caused of inadequate anaesthesiological protectionis presented in this research. Hemodynamic parameters stability bothwith systemic homeokinesis state were investigated in 28 patients withvarious surgical diseases. Their surgical operations were carried outwith either of combinatory inhalation anaesthesia (halothane andneuroleptics) or noninhalation neuroleptnarcasis with ketamine.Instability of homeostatic regulation was controlled with specialoriginal analysis of cardiac rhythm entropy dynamics chaotisity inmultidimensional faze space of existence. It is established thatnumerical criterion of cardiac rhythm chaotic state degree exceeds theintended acceptable level 5–10 minutes before clinical signs ofhemodynamics instability developing in all inadequate anaesthesiologicalprotection cases.

DOI: 10.1023/A:1016373814356

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