New polymorphic SSR markers in sugarcane has potential usefulness to studies genetic diversity, genetic mapping, DNA fingerprinting and determination offspring as true hybrids, selfing or contaminant in germplasm from breeding program. SSR markers can be obtained in several ways, and the search for SSR-EST sequences an alternative with significant results… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s12355-012-0184-7


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@article{Silva2012NewPE, title={New Polymorphic EST-SSR Markers in Sugarcane}, author={Dennis Crystian Silva and Marislane Carvalo Paz de Souza and Luiz S{\'e}rgio Costa Duarte Filho and Jo{\~a}o Messias dos Santos and Geraldo Ver{\'i}ssimo de Souza Barbosa and C{\'i}cero Roberto Ferreira de Almeida}, journal={Sugar Tech}, year={2012}, volume={14}, pages={357-363} }