New Physics in b → s μ + μ − after the Measurement of R K ∗

  title={New Physics in b → s μ + μ − after the Measurement of R K ∗},
  author={Ashutosh Kumar Alok and Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya and Alakabha Datta and Dinesh Kumar and Jacky Kumar and David London},
The recent measurement of RK∗ is yet another hint of new physics (NP), and supports the idea that it is present in b→ sμ+μ− decays. We perform a combined modelindependent and model-dependent analysis in order to deduce properties of this NP. Like others, we find that the NP must obey one of two scenarios: (I) C 9 (NP) < 0 or (II) C 9 (NP) = −C μμ 10 (NP) < 0. A third scenario, (III) C μμ 9 (NP) = −C ′μμ 9 (NP), is rejected largely because it predicts RK = 1, in disagreement with experiment. The… CONTINUE READING
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