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New Physics in Γ s 12 : ( s̄b ) ( τ̄ τ ) Operators

  title={New Physics in $\Gamma$ s 12 : ( s̄b ) ( $\tau$̄ $\tau$ ) Operators},
  author={Christoph Bobeth and U. Haisch},
Measurements performed at the Tevatron of both the like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry inBd,s-meson samples and the mixing-induced CP asymmetry inBs → J/ψφ depart from their standard model (SM) predictions. This could be an indication for new CP phases in ∆B = 2 transitions, preferentially in Bs–B̄s mixing. The experimental situation, however, remained inconclusive, as it favored values of the element Γ12 of the decay matrix in the Bs-meson system that are notably different from the SM… 

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