New Perspectives on Historical Writing

  title={New Perspectives on Historical Writing},
  author={Peter Burke},
  • P. Burke
  • Published 1 November 1993
  • History
Since its first publication in 1992, New Perspectives on Historical Writing has become a key reference work used by students and researchers interested in the most important developments in the methodology and practice of history. For this new edition, the book has been thoroughly revised and updated and includes an entirely new chapter on environmental history.Peter Burke is joined here by a distinguished group of internationally renowned historians, including Robert Darnton, Ivan Gaskell… 
The Literature of American Library History, 2001-2002
This is the fifth time I have composed this overview of current writings on American library history, which means that for the past ten years I have carefully monitored the amount and variety of
Micro-narrative and the Historiography of the Modern Middle East
Most recent scholarship on the early-20th-century Eastern Arab World (Mashriq) has been preoccupied with locating the words and actions of historical actors into one or more of three overarching and
Struggling for Recognition: Reading the Individual in Labour History
The articles drawn together in the thematic section, 'Struggling for Recognition: the Individual in Labour History', reveal the diversity of experience and interpretation that opens before the
The Construction of the Relation Between National Past and present in the Appropriation of Historical Master Narratives
Analysis of how the relation between past and present is constructed in master narrative representation of national history based on interviews with high school students narrating national history and presidential discourse commemorating it suggests that the functioning of national historical myths as cultural tool becomes more clear.
Mapping historians: historians' orientations and historical production
Narrative historians have long exhibited greater or lesser awareness of their own agency as authors, where absolute objectivity is precluded. Indeed, historians' reports of the past include their own
Re-framing the Past: Framing as a Stance in the Writing of History
This article brings the work of cultural theorist Mieke Bal and historian Hayden White into a conversation, inviting the reader to consider framing, re-framing, and un-framing as historiographical
Perils of Pankratova: Some Stories from the Annals of Soviet Historiography
About the ContributorsDonald W. Treadgold Studies on Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia: An Inaugural Volume--Glennys YoungAcknowledgments--Glennys YoungPreface--Glennys YoungReggie's Bebels: An
The Birth of Applied Linguistics: The Anglo-Scandinavian School as Discourse Community
The major claim of this article is that there is an independent and clearly defined chapter in the development of linguistics, beginning in the 1880s, which represents the birth of modern applied
New Books across the Disciplines
"New Books across the Disciplines" is a bibliographic resource that facili- tates a cross-disciplinary survey of recent publications. Its scope ranges from late antiquity to the seventeenth century.
Corporeal Memories: A Historian’s Practice
From the perspective of a historian, the practical pedagogical environment of an arts university offers many challenges. Dance is often begun at an early age, which means that practitioners often