New Perspectives on Autochthonous Blockfield Development

  title={New Perspectives on Autochthonous Blockfield Development},
  author={J. C. Boelhouwers},
  journal={Polar Geography},
  pages={133 - 146}
  • J. Boelhouwers
  • Published 1 April 2004
  • Environmental Science
  • Polar Geography
The development of coarse blocky mantles in cold regions has played a central role in both the original definition of the periglacial facies by Lozinski and the establishment of a perception on the widespread efficacy of frost weathering among peri glacial geomorphologists. This paper challenges these notions as simplistic “geomyths” that limit the understanding of blocky weathering and blockfield development, whether in cold or warm regions. Mechanisms of block production increasingly appear… 

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