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New Opportunities for the Formal Proof of Computational Real Geometry? (Extended Abstract)

  title={New Opportunities for the Formal Proof of Computational Real Geometry? (Extended Abstract)},
  author={Erika 'Abrah'am and James H. Davenport and Matthew England and Gereon Kremer and Zak Tonks},
The purpose of this paper is to explore the question "to what extent could we produce formal, machine-verifiable, proofs in real algebraic geometry?" The question has been asked before but as yet the leading algorithms for answering such questions have not been formalised. We present a thesis that a new algorithm for ascertaining satisfiability of formulae over the reals via Cylindrical Algebraic Coverings [Abraham, Davenport, England, Kremer, \emph{Deciding the Consistency of Non-Linear Real… 

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A. Tarski [4] has given a decision method for elementary algebra. In essence this comes to giving an algorithm for deciding whether a given finite set of polynomial inequalities has a solution. Below

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New results on quantifier elimination over real closed fields and applications to constraint databases

  • S. Basu
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 1999
A new algorithm for quantifier elimination in the first order theory of real closed fields that improves the complexity of the best known algorithm for this problem till now and leads to simpler and constructive proofs for these inexpressibility results than the ones known before.

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