New Observations and Insights into the Morphology and Growth Kinetics of Hydrate Films

  title={New Observations and Insights into the Morphology and Growth Kinetics of Hydrate Films},
  author={Sheng-li Li and Chang-yu Sun and Bei Liu and Zhi-yun Li and G. Chen and A. Sum},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
The kinetics of film growth of hydrates of methane, ethane, and methane-ethane mixtures were studied by exposing a single gas bubble to water. The morphologies, lateral growth rates, and thicknesses of the hydrate films were measured for various gas compositions and degrees of subcooling. A variety of hydrate film textures was revealed. The kinetics of two-dimensional film growth was inferred from the lateral growth rate and initial thickness of the hydrate film. A clear relationship between… Expand
Effects of inhibitors on the morphology and kinetics of hydrate growth on surface of bubble
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Investigating the partial structure of the hydrate film formed at the gas/water interface by Raman spectra
Abstract The morphology and structure of hydrate films of pure methane and methane+ethane mixtures were studied by suspending a single gas bubble in liquid water. The methane+ethane gas mixtures,Expand
A comparative study on the growth mechanism, kinetics and morphology of carbon dioxide and methane hydrates
  • J. Rueda
  • Materials Science, Chemistry
  • 2015
The growth and morphology of carbon dioxide and methane hydrates were studied in sessile water droplets under equivalent degrees of subcooling. Pressures were maintained constant at 4.00 MPa forExpand
Diffusion-based modeling of film growth of hydrates on gas-liquid interfaces
Abstract Formation of gas hydrates occurs in three stages: nucleation, film growth, and bulk growth. As per past literature, the rate of film growth (on gas-liquid interface) depends on heat transferExpand
Effects of micro-bubbles on the nucleation and morphology of gas hydrate crystals.
Variations in the microscopic morphology of the hydrate crystal growth in a liquid-gas interface were observed and indicated that the nucleation of the Hydrate first tends to occur at the bubble surface, which suggested that bubbling was an efficient measure to promote the application of hydrate-based technologies. Expand
Diffusion-kinetic model of gas hydrate film growth along the gas–water interface
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Visual Studies of Methane Hydrate Formation on the Water–Oil Boundaries
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Simultaneous mass and heat transfer to/from the edge of a clathrate-hydrate film causing its growth along a water/guest-fluid phase boundary
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Initial thickness measurements and insights into crystal growth of methane hydrate film
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Methane hydrate film growth kinetics
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Hydrate film growth on the surface of a gas bubble suspended in water.
It was found that the convective heat transfer control model reported in the literature could be used to formulate the lateral film growth rate v(f) with the driving force DeltaT perfectly for all systems after introduction of the assumption that the thickness of hydrate films is inversely proportional to the drivingForce. Expand
Clathrate‐hydrate film growth along water/methane phase boundaries—an observational study
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Estimating the thickness of hydrate films from their lateral growth rates: application of a simplified heat transfer model
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Microscopic observations of formation processes of clathrate-hydrate films at an interface between water and carbon dioxide
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Microscopic observations of clathrate-hydrate films formed at liquid/liquid interfaces. II. Film thickness in steady-water flow
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Clathrate hydrate crystal growth in liquid water saturated with a guest substance: Observations in a methane + water system
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