New N-substituted cytisine derivatives


The widespread nature and high physiological act ivi ty of cyt is ine enables var ious N-subst i tu ted de r iv a t ives to be obtained f r o m it for the purpose of es tabl ishing an in te r re la t ionship between s t ruc tu re and physiological act ivi ty . Numerous cyt is ine der iva t ives have been synthes ized by condensing it with var ious alkyl hal ides , acid chlor ides , amino acids , etc. [1-3].

DOI: 10.1007/BF00569031

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@article{Shaimardanov2004NewNC, title={New N-substituted cytisine derivatives}, author={R. A. Shaimardanov and S. I. Iskandarov and Sergey Yunusov}, journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds}, year={2004}, volume={7}, pages={367-368} }