[New Mn-chelates are radioprotectors and antioxidants for cells in vitro].


Earlier we have synthesized new Mn-chelates (Mn-compexes of ethyl ethers of salicyliden-D, L-tyrosine, -gamma-amino butyric acid and -D, L-tryptophan) bearing several free functional groups. The radioprotective and antioxidant activity of these compounds were tested on the secondary cultures of chick embryo cells. To this end the cells in vitro were gamma-irradiated with 60Co at the doses 40 and 60 Gy or treated with H2O2 at the concentration 3 mmol/l, the new Mn-chelates were added into the cultures, and the number of survived cells was determined in 24 hours. It was revealed that all the new Mn-chelates at micromolar concentrations (from 40 to 10 mumol/l) but not their precursors (Mn-acetate and ethyl ethers of salicyliden-aminoacids) effectively protect the cells from lethal effect of both gamma-irradiation and H2O2. Mn-chelates tested are considered as promising potential radioprotectors that effect seems to be reasonable to study in vivo.

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