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New Media: An introduction (3rd Edition)

  title={New Media: An introduction (3rd Edition)},
  author={Terry Flew},
This book combines a comprehensive overview of theories of new media with contemporary case studies. Based on an historic understanding of new media developments, the book explores the role of new media in a globally networked society. It examines the social, political and economic impact of new technologies on creativity industry and culture from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Features of the book include • Chapters on Social Networking Media, Participatory Media Cultures and Citizen… 

Beyond the book: reshaping Australian public history in the Web 2.0 environment

With digital media and the web becoming increasingly pervasive in our everyday lives, few historians have considered in depth the impact that this is having on the ways that history is represented

Digital media communication, intellectual property, and the commodification of language

  • J. Park
  • Sociology
    Language, Culture and Society
  • 2019
Focusing on fansubbing, the production of unauthorized subtitles by fans of audiovisual media content, this paper calls for a more serious sociolinguistic analysis of the political economy of

An adaptation of medium theory analysis: YouTube as a digital moving image medium

YouTube has fast come to support global moving-image communication for millions of people. In the current literature, however, YouTube is not considered a ‘medium’ the same way that cinema and

Social Media and Crisis Communication: Theories and Best Practices

Communication experts have argued that crises are no longer a matter of “if” but “when” in corporate life. Corporations must be ready to respond to a crisis with the greatest proficiency, for it can

Webs of Resistance: The Citizen Online Journalism of the Nigerian Digital Diaspora

The enhanced discursive opportunity structures that the Internet enables has inspired a momentous revolution in the Nigerian media landscape. This dissertation chronicles the emergence and flowering

Tweeting #humanwaste: A practical theological tracing of #humanwaste as a trend on Twitter

Different and divergent facets of human existence are increasingly becoming embodied within a digital domain. The social media platform, Twitter, comprises an important expression of the digital


This study explored young people’s use of new media and the learning that they experience through participation in shared online practices such as web browsing, using social media and gaming. The


The popularity of social media forms such as Facebook and Twitter has multiplied the avenues for people to ‘have a voice’ online. But what are the roles of listening in these fora, and how does

Youth organizations and social media: from bullying to social movements (case study in Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Bandung, Indonesia)

Social media became powerful and used by youth organizations to communicate and to create social movements. This research explores the youth organization Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Bandung (PMB) that uses

Social Media As A Political Platform In Nigeria : A Focus On Electorates In South-Eastern Nigeria

The place of social media to rally political support is no longer in doubt. To advance the conversation and mobilize political supports, social media has become a critical political tool for campaign