New Mechanical Harvesters for the Florida Citrus Juice Industry

  title={New Mechanical Harvesters for the Florida Citrus Juice Industry},
  author={Galen K. Brown},
  • G. Brown
  • Published 2005
  • Biology
  • Horttechnology

Determining Adequate Vibration Frequency, Amplitude, and Time for Mechanical Harvesting of Fresh Mandarins

Mechanical citrus harvesting systems in Spain can solve the problem of the high costs of manual harvesting. Previous results, without the use of abscission agents, have shown the effectiveness of

Current Challenges of Mechanical Harvesting Technology for Citrus

In recent years, the use of citrus mechanical harvesting machines has significantly increased in Florida. In 2007, the total acreage of citrus orchards harvested by mechanical means was 14,420 ha

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This paper is focused on presenting a comprehensive overview of the different types of agricultural grippers, which are an integrating part of the robotics systems used in smart farming technologies.

Manufacturing and Evaluating the Performance of Shaking Machine for Harvesting the Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)

Limes are manually picked all over the worldwide. To reduce the number of labour, time and reduce harvest costs of Egyptian lime. The machine was manufactured to operate an electric motor with

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Reliance on foreign guest workers, rising minimum wages, and corporate social responsibility are three trends emerging within the Florida agricultural economy, particularly among labor-intensive

Design and evaluation of a two-section canopy shaker with variable frequency for mechanical harvesting of citrus

Canopy shaking is one of the most commonly used techniques for mechanical harvesting of citrus fruits in orange juice industry. However, tree damage and low harvesting efficiency are the top concerns

Selection and experimental evaluation of shaking rods of canopy shaker to reduce tree damage for citrus mechanical harvesting

Canopy shaking system is one of the research hotspots for large-scale mechanized fruits harvesting. Shaking rods considered as one of the essential components of canopy shaker are responsible for

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Abstract. The state of Washington is the biggest fresh market apple ( Borkh.) producer in the U.S., and the state‘s annual apple production has exceeded 60% of the national production. Due to the

Hierarchical classification of robotic grippers applied for agricultural object manipulations

The issue of joint interaction of a group of heterogeneous terrestrial and airborne robots in the performance of the target agrarian task in an autonomous mission will also be investigated.