New Measurement of the 60Fe Half-Life.

  title={New Measurement of the 60Fe Half-Life.},
  author={Georg Rugel and Thomas Faestermann and Klaus Knie and Gunther Korschinek and Michail Poutivtsev and Dorothea Schumann and Nikolai Kivel and Ines G{\"u}nther-Leopold and Regin Weinreich and Michael Wohlmuther},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 7},
We have made a new determination of the half-life of the radioactive isotope 60Fe using high precision measurements of the number of 60Fe atoms and their activity in a sample containing over 10(15) 60Fe atoms. Our new value for the half-life of 60Fe is (2.62+/-0.04) x 10(6) yr, significantly above the previously reported value of (1.49+/-0.27) x 10(6) yr. Our new measurement for the lifetime of 60Fe has significant implications for interpretations of galactic nucleosynthesis, for determinations… CONTINUE READING

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