New Mathematics of Complexity and Its Biomedical Applications

  title={New Mathematics of Complexity and Its Biomedical Applications},
  author={Andrei P. Kirilyuk},
We show that the unreduced, mathematically rigorous solution of the many-body problem with arbitrary interaction, avoiding any perturbative approximations and “exact” models, reveals qualitatively new mathematical properties of thus emerging real-world structures (interaction products), including dynamic multivaluedness (universal non-uniqueness of ordinary solution) giving rise to intrinsic randomness and irreversible time flow, fractally structured dynamic entanglement of interaction… Expand
Complex-Dynamical Nanobiotechnology Paradigm and Intrinsically Creative Evolution
It is shown that genuine quantum and classical chaos can only be strong for a free-interaction nanoscale system providing exponentially huge, “magic” efficiency of such unreduced interaction dynamics, which underlies the properties of life, intelligence and consciousness. Expand
Theory of Everything, Ultimate Reality and the End of Humanity: Extended Sustainability by the Universal Science of Complexity
The exciting, but rigorously substantiated and objectively inevitable prospects of further civilisation complexity development towards its superior levels of genuine sustainability and global Noosphere are outlined, with practically important conclusions for today's critical problem solution. Expand
Complex-Dynamic Origin of Quantised Relativity and Its Manifestations at Higher Complexity Levels
Unified and causal complex-dynamic origin of standard (special and general) relativistic and quantum effects revealed previously at the lowest levels of world interaction dynamics is explicitlyExpand
Objective Fundamental Reality Structure by the Unreduced Complexity Development
We explain why exactly the simplified abstract scheme of reality within the standard science paradigm cannot provide the consistent picture of "truly fundamental" reality and how the unreduced,Expand
Unified Complex-Dynamical Theory of Financial, Economic, and Social Risks and Their Efficient Management: Reason-Based Governance for Sustainable Development
An extended analysis compared to observations shows that modern "globalised" world civilisation has passed through the invisible "complexity threshold" , after which usual "spontaneous" , empiricallyExpand
The deep crisis in modern fundamental science development is ever more evident and openly recognised now even by mainstream, official science professionals and leaders. By no coincidence, it occursExpand


Complex-Dynamical Solution to Many-Body Interaction Problem and Its Applications in Fundamental Physics
We review the recently proposed unreduced, complex-dynamical solution to many-body problem with arbitrary interaction and its application to unified solution of fundamental problems, includingExpand
Universal Symmetry of Complexity and Its Manifestations at Different Levels of World Dynamics
The unreduced, universally nonperturbative analysis of arbitrary interaction process, described by a quite general equation, provides the truly complete, “dynamically multivalued” general solutionExpand
Universal Science of Complexity: Consistent Understanding of Ecological, Living and Intelligent System Dynamics
Applications of universal concept of dynamic complexity are outlined emphasising cases of "truly complex" systems from higher complexity levels and show that the urgently needed progress in social and intellectual structure of civilisation inevitably involves qualitative transition to unreduced complexity understanding (the authors call it "revolution of complexity"). Expand
The Universal Dynamic Complexity as Extended Dynamic Fractality: Causally Complete Understanding of Living Systems Emergence and Operation
The unreduced description of any real system with interaction reveals natural emergence of multiple, incompatible system versions, or realisations, formed by dynamic entanglement of the interactingExpand
Complex-Dynamical Approach to Cosmological Problem Solution *
Universe structure emerges in the unreduced, complex-dynamic interaction process with the simplest initial configuration (two attracting homogeneous fields). The unreduced interaction analysis,Expand
Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications in Life Sciences *
Complex-dynamical fractal is a hierarchy of permanently, chaotically changing versions of system structure, obtained as the unreduced, causally probabilistic general solution to an arbitraryExpand
Quantum Field Mechanics: Complex-Dynamical Completion of Fundamental Physics and Its Experimental Implications
This report provides a brief review of recently developed extended framework for fundamental physics, designated as Quantum Field Mechanics and including causally complete and intrinsically unifiedExpand
Universal concept of complexity by the dynamic redundance paradigm: Causal randomness, complete wave mechanics, and the ultimate unification of knowledge
The fundamental impasses and ruptures in various domains of the canonical, unitary science, or the 'end of science', become the more and more evident. The natural unity of being is recovered within aExpand
Dynamic Origin of Evolution and Social Transformation
We analyse the unreduced, nonperturbative dynamics of an arbitrary many-body interaction process with the help of the generalised effective potential method and reveal the well-specified universalExpand
Double Solution with Chaos: Dynamic Redundance and Causal Wave-Particle Duality
A system of two interacting, physically real, initially homogeneous fields is considered as the simplest basis for the world construction in which one of them, a protofield of electromagnetic nature,Expand